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Re: [DIV28SUPER] Chronicle of Higher Ed

Would it be possible to post any motions and their supporting materials regarding ethics/ the ethics committee or task force that are to be considered...

07/17/15 11:19 am

[DIV28SUPER] NIDA Neuroscience Update, July 17, 2015

Table of Contents   I.     Scholarships Available for Short Course on the Genetics of Addiction August 24- 30, 2015, Bar Harb...

07/16/15 8:11 pm

Re: [DIV28SUPER] Extensive CIA funding of psychologists post WWII

The Frontline PBS program reported that CIA contracts to Mitchell, the psychologist first involved in the CIA "enhanced interrogation" in Thailand exc...

07/15/15 4:12 pm

[DIV28SUPER] Extensive CIA funding of psychologists post WWII

#div28 #apa2015 The Hoffman report historical section cites "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate The CIA and Mind Control " by John Marks; this Ti...

07/15/15 3:50 pm

Re: [DIV28SUPER] Chronicle of Higher Ed

Clueless?  Here's another quote from the executive summary of the Hoffman report about the action of the BOD regarding the PENS report.  Aft...

07/15/15 11:21 am

Award Winners

Div. 28 presents three awards each year for outstanding achievement in the field. The following are the 2015 recipients:

  • Outstanding Dissertation Award Recipient: Allison Kurti, PhD

  • Young Psychopharmacologist Award Recipient: Kelly Dunn, PhD

  • Med-Associates Brady-Schuster Award Recipient: Mark Sobell, PhD