Membership Information

Members of Div. 28 are those who have an interest in the area of drugs and behavior. Membership in APA is encouraged but not required.

Membership Activities

Annual Convention

The Division of Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse is active in the APA Annual Convention, sponsoring symposia, paper and poster sessions, invited addresses and workshops. 


Div. 28 members receive a newsletter three times per year, which contains the latest news from special interest committees, a summary of convention activities, division business news, liaison reports and listings of employment opportunities. 


The division presents three awards each year for outstanding achievement in the field: 
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award 
  • Wyeth Young Psychopharmacologist Award (within 5 years of PhD) 
  • Med Associates Brady/Schuster Award (15+ years after PhD) 

Executive Committee 

The Div. 28 Executive Committee consists of appointed and elected positions. It organizes division activities and meets at both the APA Annual Convention and the Annual Meeting of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence.

Membership Categories

Member: To be a member, you must belong to APA under the category of member. All requirements to be an APA member must be met, including having a doctoral degree in psychology. Those interested in joining the division who are not members of APA should join as professional affiliates.

Professional Affiliates: Affiliates have a doctoral degree in psychology but do not belong to APA.

Associate: To be an associate, you must belong to APA under the category of associate. All requirements to be an APA Associate must be met, including having a master's degree or two years of graduate study in psychology or a related field at a regionally accredited institution. Associates may not hold executive office in the division (but they may serve in appointed positions); after five years of associate status, individuals may vote in division elections.

Student Affiliates: Student affiliates are students of psychology (graduate or undergraduate) and have a professional interest in the area of drugs and behavior. Membership in APAGS (APA's Graduate Student Organization) is encouraged but not required.

Life Status: Members of APA who have reached life status and are exempt from paying APA dues are also life status of members of the division. As such, they do not pay division dues but are afforded all the privileges of a member.

Corporate Affiliate Membership

Read about the advantages of corporate affiliate membership (PDF, 123KB) in Div. 28.