Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology

Topics from two new issues include preadolescent alcohol expectancies, understanding sex differences in cocaine abuse, cue- and stress-induced cigarette craving and the effects of acute nicotine administration in nonsmokers
Table of Contents 2011, Vol. 19 (6)

Naloxone and rimonabant reduce the reinforcing properties of exercise in rats.

  • Rasmussen, Erin B.; and Hillman, Conrad

  • Pages 389-400

Estradiol and progesterone modify the effects of the serotonin reuptake transporter polymorphism on serotonergic responsivity to citalopram.

  • Michopoulos, Vasiliki; Berga, Sarah L.; and Wilson, Mark E.

  • Pages 401-408

Social facilitation of d-amphetamine self-administration in rats.

  • Gipson, Cassandra, D.; Yates, Justin R.; Beckmann, Joshua, S.; Marusich, Julie A.; Zentall, Thomas; and Bardo, Michael T.

  • Pages 409-419

Pre-adolescent alcohol expectancies: Critical shifts and associated maturational processes.

  • Bekman, Nicole M.; Goldman, Mark S.; Worley, Matthew J.; and Anderson, Kristen G.

  • Pages 420-432

Expectation to receive methylphenidate enhances subjective arousal but not cognitive performance.

  • Looby, Alison; and Earleywine, Mitch

  • Pages 433-444

Amount of earnings during prize contingency management treatment is associated with posttreatment abstinence outcomes.

  • Petry, Nancy M.; and Roll, John M.

  • Pages 445-450

Table of Contents 2012, Vol. 20 (1)
  • Evans, Suzette M.

  • Page 1

Contributions of neuroimaging to understanding sex differences in cocaine abuse.

  • Anderson, Monica, L.; Sawyer, Eileen K.; and Howell, Leonard, L.

  • Pages 2-15

Exploratory studies in sensory reinforcement in male rats: Effects of methamphetamine.

  • Gancarz, Amy M.; Ashrafioun, Lisham; San George, Michele A.; Hausknecht, Kathy A.; Hawk Jr., Larry W.; and Richards, Jerry B.

  • Pages 16-27

Acute effects of zolpidem extended-release on cognitive performance and sleep in healthy males after repeated nightly use.

  • Kleykamp, Bethea A.; Griffiths, Roland R.; McCann, Una, D.; Smith, Michael T.; and Mintzer, Miriam Z.

  • Pages 28-39

Genetic predictors of cue- and stress-induced cigarette craving: An exploratory study.

  • Erblich, Joel; Bovbjerg, Dana H.; and Diaz, George A.

  • Pages 40-46

Exposure to negative affect cues and urge to smoke.

  • Vinci, Christine; Copeland, Amy L.; and Carrigan, Maureen H.

  • Pages 47-55

Is self-efficacy for smoking abstinence a cause of, or a reflection on, smoking behavior change?

  • Perkins, Kenneth A.; Parzynski, Craig; Mercincavage, Melissa; Conklin, Cynthia A.;and Fonte, Carolyn, A.

  • Pages 56-62

Effects of varenicline and bupropion on cognitive processes among nicotine-deprived smokers.

  • Ashare, Rebecca L.; and McKee, Sherry A.

  • Pages 63-70

Effects of acute nicotine administration on resting EEG in nonsmokers.

  • Fisher, Derek J.; Daniels, Richelle; Jaworska, Natalia; Knobelsdorf, Amy; and Knott, Verner J.

  • Pages 71-75