Changes to Division 28 bylaws

Stay current with the latest updates to the division bylaws.

By William W. Stoops

Proposed changes to our division bylaws were approved by email vote in December 2011. These changes were proposed mainly as a means of expediting the membership process and were drafted by our membership chair, Ryan Vandrey, PhD. The changes allow the membership chair to finalize membership approval without review at the annual business meeting, although the names of all new members will be presented at that meeting. If you have questions about the changes or would like a full text copy of the bylaws, please email William Stoops.

Editor’s note: As a reminder, the approved changes are presented for you here.

  • Several typographical errors in the old bylaws were changed (e.g., 0. Garfield Jones was corrected to O. Garfield Jones).

  • The procedure for determining and managing conflicts of interest for corporate affiliates was clarified.

  • Any members that are considered for expulsion from Division 28 may now answer charges in writing instead of in person.

  • The criteria for serving as Member-at-Large were changed. Members-at-Large must only have a PhD and no longer need to be a Division 28 Fellow or 5 years past earning their terminal degree. Only Members-at-Large who are Division 28 Fellows may serve on panels to review Division 28 Fellows nominations or candidates for Division 28 awards.

  • The newsletter may now be published three times yearly, instead of four, without special Executive Committee approval.

  • The quorum for the annual Business Meeting was reduced from 15 to 10 Fellows, Members and Voting Affiliates.

  • Bylaws changes may now be voted on by electronic ballot.

If you have questions about the changes or would like a full text copy of the division bylaws, please email William Stoops.