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Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology table of contents

Article topics include smoking behavior, opioid dependence, comorbid boderline personality disorder and alcohol use disorders, cannabis use and cognitive performance, and antidepressants and memory

2012 Vol. 20(4)

  • Association between ovarian hormones and smoking behavior in women.
    Schiller, Crystal E.; Saladin, Michael E.; Gray, Kevin M.; Hartwell, Karen J.; & Carpenter, Matthew J., Pages 251-257

  • Sex differenecs in cognitive effects of tobacco abstinence: A pilot study.
    Merritt, Paul S.; Cobb, Adam R.; & Cook, Gabriel, I., Pages 258-263

  • Characteristics and smoking patterns in intermittent smokers.
    Shiffman, Saul; Tindle, Hillary; Li, Xiaoxue; Scholl, Sarah; Dunbar, Michael; & Mitchell- Miland, Chantele, Pages 264-277

  • A direct test of the influences of the nicotine response expectancies on the subjective and cognitive effects of smoking.
    Harrell, Paul T.; & Juliano, Laura M., Pages 278-286

  • Investigating reinforcer magnitude and reinforcer delay: A contingency management analog study.
    Packer, Robert R.; Howell, Donelle N.; McPherson, Sterling; & Roll, John M., Pages 287-292

  • Effects of divalproex on smoking cue reactivity and cessation outcomes among smokers achieving initial smoking abstinence.
    Ditre, Joseph W.; Oliver, Jason A.; Myrick, H.; Henderson, Scott; Saladin, Michael E.; & Drobes, David J., Pages 293-301

  • Delay discounting decreases in those completing treatment for opioid dependence.
    Landes, Reid D.; Christensen, Darren R.; & Bickel, Warren K., Pages 302-309

  • Intranasal oxycodone self-administration in non-dependent opioid abusers.
    Middleton, Lisa S.; Lofwall, Michelle R.; Nuzzo, Paul A.; Siegal, Anthony J.; & Walsh, Sharon L., Pages 310-317

  • Beyond self-reports: Drinking motives predict grams of consumed alcohol in wine-tasting.
    Kuntsche, Emmanuel; & Kuendig, Hervé, Pages 318-324

  • The effects of imperatorin on anxiety and memory-related behavior in male Swiss mice.
    Budzynska, Barbara; Kruk-Slomka, Marta; Skalicka-Wozniak, Krystyna; Biala, Grazyna; & Glowniak, Kazimierz, Pages 325-332

  • Treatment for comorbid boderline personality disorder and alcohol use disorders: A review of the evidence and future recommendations.
    Gianoli, Mayumi O.; Jane, Serrita, J.; O’Brien, Erin; & Ralevski, Elizabeth, Pages 333-344

2012 Vol. 20(5)

  • Nicotine behavioral sensitization in Lewis and Fischer male rats.
    Hamilton, Kristen R.; Starosciak, Amy K., Chwa, Angela; & Grunberg, Neil E., Pages 345-351

  • Cocaine self-administration in dopamine D2 receptor knockout mice.
    Caine, S. Barak; Thomsen, Morgane; Barrett, Andrew C.; Collins; Gregory, T.; Grundt, Peter; Newman, Amy H.; Butler, Paul; & Xu, Ming., Pages 352-363

  • Acute antidepressant drug administration and autobiographical memory recall: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study.
    Papadatou-Pastou, Marietta; Miskowiak, Kamilla W.; Williams J. Mark G.; Harmer, Catherine J.; & Reinecke, Andrea, Pages 364-372

  • Comparing the detection of transdermal and breath alcohol concentration during periods of alcohol consumption ranging from moderate drinking to binge drinking.
    Dougherty, Donald M.; Charles, Nora E.; Acheson, Ashley; John, Samantha; Furr, R. Michael; & Hill-Kapturczak, Nathalie, Pages 373-381

  • Alternative substance paradigm: Effectiveness of beverage blinding and effects of acute alcohol responses.
    Conrad, Megan; McNamara, Patrick; & King, Andrea, Pages 382-389

  • Academic constraints on alcohol consumption in college students: A behavioral economic analysis.
    Gentile, Nicole D.; Librizzi, Erika, H.; & Martinetti, Margaret P., Pages 390-399

  • Temporal discounting in heroin-dependent patients: No sign effect, weaker magnitude effect, and the relationship with inhibitory control.
    Cheng, Jiuqing; Lu, Yanhong; Han, Xiaodong; González-Vallejo, Claudia; & Sui, Nan, Pages 400-409

  • A randomized trial of a brief smoking cessation intervention in a light and intermittent Hispanic sample.
    Cabriales, José Alonso; Cooper, Theodore V.; Salgado-Garcia, Francisco; Naylor, Natasha; & Gonzalez Jr., Ernie, Pages 410-419

  • Residual effects of cannabis use on neurocognitive performance after prolonged abstinence: A meta-analysis.
    Schreiner, Amy M.; & Dunn, Michael E., Pages 420-429

  • Placebo-group responders in methamphetamine pharmacotherapy trials: A role of immediate establishment of abstinence.
    Brensilver, Matthew; Heinzerling, Keith G.; Swanson, Aimee-Noelle; & Shoptaw, Steven J., Pages 430-435