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Statements from member-at-large candidates

Meet the member-at-large candidates running in the 2013 division election.

It is a sincere honor to be considered for Div. 28 member-at-large. I am an associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University Medical Center. I have been a regular member of APA and Div. 28 since earning my PhD in clinical psychology in 2001; I became an APA fellow in 2012. I view serving as member-at-large as an excellent opportunity to continue to become more actively involved. I believe my background and experience make me well-suited to serve as a member-at- large who can represent the diverse perspectives, skill sets and content areas of our membership: I am a clinician by training who spends the majority of my time conducting research. My research spans multiple levels including human laboratory, neuroimaging, treatment development and epidemiology. I am chief of a newly formed division in our department that promotes translational research across multiple substance use disorders. Finally, whereas the majority of my research has focused on the problem on nicotine dependence, I have also conducted work on stimulants, and problems with conceptual ties to substance use including obesity and gambling. I regularly mentor junior colleagues both in and outside my lab; and make mentoring and training a high career priority. If elected member-at-large, I will bring energy, ideas and commitment to the position and the division and look forward to serving you.

- F. Joseph McClernon, PhD

It is an honor to be considered for the Div. 28 member-at-large position. Since attending the 2009 APA Convention I have had the opportunity to become increasingly involved with Div. 28. Currently I have the privilege to serve as the 2013 program chair, under the leadership of President Anthony Liguori, for the annual convention in Hawaii. In this role I will oversee an extraordinary program that encompasses the basic principles and tenets of Div. 28. While serving as program chair I have had the opportunity to learn the dynamics of the division and APA. In addition to participating on executive committee calls and working with other committee members, I have also worked with leadership from other divisions to coordinate joint sessions that will simultaneously promote Div. 28 as well as strengthen relations between the divisions. My goal as a member-at-large is to further the mission of Div. 28, promote membership, and to cultivate relationships between Div. 28 and scientific fields with similar goals, including other APA divisions. I believe that building these relationships and collaborations will strengthen the impact of Div. 28 moving forward. My background in substance abuse research, behavior analysis, and behavioral economics, as well as my current position as a research associate at the Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics at the University of Pennsylvania make me well suited for such a role. I hope to have the opportunity to carry out these objectives as a member-at-large of Div. 28 and thank you for your consideration.

- Kathryn Saulsgiver, PhD