Convention Update

2013 Convention update

This year's convention program will include research in behavioral economics, technology, drug use vulnerability and mental health.

By Kathryn Saulsgiver

The 2013 APA Annual Convention in Honolulu is only six months away! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Div. 28 members and executive committee we have put together an exceptional program filled with research in behavioral economics, technology, drug use vulnerability and mental health. We will also be co-hosting many networking and social events with other divisions.

In addition to our annual Young Investigator’s Award Symposium, Med Associates Brady-Schuster Award Lecture, New Fellows Symposium, and President’s Lecture, we will be sponsoring the following symposia from our members:

  1. Behavioral Economics and Maternal-Infant Health among Substance Abusers
  2. Drug Abuse Vulnerability: a Developmental Window into ”Subtle” Environmental Exposures
  3. Examining Group-based Trajectories in Substance Use Disorder Clinical Trial Data
  4. Technology Based Interventions for Substance Use Disorders and Related Conditions

We will also be sponsoring several Paper Sessions focused on behavioral and pharmacological-related treatments for substance abuse and dependence:

  1. Buprenorphine and Opioid Addiction
  2. Monitoring and Treating Stimulant Use and Abuse
  3. Mental Health and Treating Substance Abuse Disorder

We have also worked closely with divisions 6, 25, and 50 this year to cross-advertise many symposia and paper sessions from each division that would be of interest to all of our members. We strongly recommend attending these sessions as well as others you will find in the 121st APA program:

  1. Translating Neuroscience Findings into Practical Drug Abuse Prevention
  2. Integrating Neuroscience into Clinical Practice in Addiction
  3. Rewards: The Effect of Drugs of Abuse on Sexual Behavior
  4. Symposium on Social Factors in Addiction and Learning

Our Div. 28 Poster Session, in collaboration with divisions 6 and 50, will be held on Friday morning. This poster session will exhibit research from many of our talented and productive members and provide an excellent opportunity for networking with other APA members in and outside of our division. On Friday night of the conference, we will co-host the annual NIDA/NIAAA Young Investigators Poster Session and Social with our colleagues in divisions 6 and 50 as well. We encourage all to attend.

This year’s location should prove to be fun and exciting. Honolulu has much to offer in the way of entertainment, fine dining, outdoor activities, and an abundance of water sports. We encourage everyone to turn your trip to the convention into a fun-filled vacation.

We hope you can attend the 121st Annual APA Convention in Honolulu, July 31 - Aug. 4, 2013. After April 1, you may register for this year's convention and secure your hotel reservations!