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Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology

Article topics include the effects of exercise on cocaine self-administration, the effect of alcohol on impulsivity and abuse liability and the relationship between alcohol consumption and the urge to smoke among women.

Table of Contents 2012, Vol. 20 (6)

  • The effects of exercise on cocaine self administration, food-maintained responding, and locomotor activity in female rats: The importance of the temporal relationship between physical activity and initial drug exposure. Smith, Mark A. & Witte, Maryam, A. Pages 437-446

  • A comparison of therapies for the treatment of drug cues: Counterconditioning vs. extinction in male rats. Tunstall, Brendan J.; Verendeev, Andrey; & Kearns, David D. Pages 447-453

  • Alcohol increases impulsivity and abuse liability in heavy drinking women. Reed, Stephanie Collins; Levin, Francis R.; & Evans, Suzette, M. Pages 454-465

  • Initial development of a measure of expectancies for combinations of alcohol and caffeine: The Caffeine + Alcohol Combined Effects Questionnaire (CACEQ). MacKillop, James; Howland, Jonathan; Rohsenow, Damaris J.; Few, Lauren R.; Amlung, Michael T.; Metrik, Jane; & Calise, Tamara Vehige Pages: 466-472

  • Cue reactivity as a predictor of successful abstinence initiation among adult smokers. Conklin, Cynthia A.; Parzynski, Craig S.; Salkeld, Ronald P.; Perkins, Kenneth A.; Fonte, Carolyn A. Pages 473-478

  • An ecological momentary assessment analysis of prequit markers for smoking cessation. Yeh, Vivian M.; McCarthy, Danielle E.; & Baker, Timothy B. Pages 479-488

  • Visual search and attentional bias for smoking cues: The role of familiarity. Oliver, Jason A.; & Drobes, David J. Pages 489-496

  • Preliminary evidence for lowered basal cortisol in a naturalistic sample of methamphetamine polydrug users. Carson, Dean S.; Bosanquet, David P.; Carter, C. Sue; Pournajafi-Nazarloo, Hossein; and Blaszczynski, Alex; & McGregor, Iain S. Pages 497-503

  • A review of preliminary observations on agomelatine in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Levitan, Michelle Nigri; Papelbaum, Marcelo; & Nardi, Antonio Egidio. Pages 504-509

Table of Contents 2013, Vol. 21 (1)

  • Panoramic projection: Affording a wider view on contextual influences on alcohol-related cognitions. Monk, Rebecca L.; & Heim, Derek. Pages 1-7

  • The effects of cue-specific inhibition training on alcohol consumption in heavy social drinkers. Jones, Andrew & Field, Matt. Pages 8-16

  • Self-regulation, daily drinking, and partner violence in alcohol treatment-seeking men. Schumacher, Julie A.; Soffey, Scott F.; Leonard, Kenneth E.; O’Jile, Judith R.; & Landy, Noah C. Pages 17-28

  • Alcohol consumption and urges to smoke among women during a smoking cessation attempt. Businelle, Michael S.; Lam, Cho Y.; Kendzor, Darla E.; Cofta-Woerpel, Ludmilla; McClure, and Jennifer B.; Cinciripini, Paul M.; & Wetter, David W. Pages 29-37

  • Age of alcohol and cannabis use onset mediates the association of transmissible risk in childhood and development of alcohol and cannabis disorders: Evidence for common liability. Kirisci, Levent; Tarter, Ralph; Ridenour, Ty; Zhai, Zu Wei; Fishbein, Diana; Reynold, Maureen; & Vanyukow, Michael. Pages 38-45

  • Delay discounting in adults receiving treatment for marijuana dependence. Peters, Erica N.; Petry, Nancy M.; LaPaglia, Donna M.; Reynold, Brady; & Carroll, Kathleen M. Pages 46-54

  • A comprehensive examination of delay discounting in a clinical sample of cannabis-dependent military veterans making a self-guided quit attempt. Heinz, Adrienne J.; Peters, Erica N.; Boden, Matthew T.; & Bonn-Miller, Marcel O. Pages 55-65

  • Smoking and the bandit: A preliminary study of smoker and nonsmoker differences in exploratory behavior measured with a multiarmed bandit task. Addicott, Merideth, A.; Pearson, John M.; Wilson, Jessica; Platt, Michael L.; McClernon, F. Joseph. Pages 66-73

  • Employment-based reinforcement of adherence to oral naltrexone treatment in unemployed injection drug users. Dunn, Kelly E.; DeFulio, Anthony; Everly, Jeffrey J.; Donlin, Wendy D.; Aklin, Will M.; Nuzzo, Paul A.; Leoutsakos, Jeannie-Marie S.; Umbricht, Annie; Fingerhood, Michael; Bigelow, George Silverman, Kenneth. Pages 74-83