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Statements from presidential candidates

Meet the presidential candidates running in the 2013 division election.

I am honored to be nominated for Div. 28 president. I have conducted psychopharmacology research since 1992, beginning with nonhuman research at UNC-Chapel Hill and later clinical research at Johns Hopkins and the University of Vermont. I am also dedicated to mentoring junior scientists and to my clinical role as the director of Vermont’s first and largest methadone clinic. I joined Div. 28 my first year of graduate school (1996) and since that time have participated regularly in our annual convention (18 presentations in 17 years). I have served as program chair and member-at-large and on our program, awards, and executive committees. I also have been honored to receive Div. 28’s Poster Award, the Wyeth Young Psychopharmacologist Award, and to be elected fellow. As president, my objectives would be twofold. First, I would sustain the important initiatives established by my predecessors. These include increasing membership, enhancing our fiscal foundation, preserving convention programming supporting students and ECPs, and providing advocacy with NIH and other agencies. I also propose a strategic new initiative: scientific success in this challenging climate now depends a great deal on cross-disciplinary collaboration, yet this is often easier said than done. I suggest we identify ways to cultivate new transdisciplinary collaborations. This could include expanding our website to offer forums for cross-talk among research groups and developing symposia and other educational opportunities around this topic. In closing, I would be privileged to dedicate my time and efforts to continuing our Division’s tradition of excellence in training, research and dissemination.

- Stacey Sigmon, PhD

I am excited and honored by the nomination to serve as president of Div. 28. Div. 28 has been my “home” division in APA since joining as a student in 2000. Subsequently, I have risen from member to fellow and served on the Executive Committee as both newsletter editor and secretary. I believe that my experience with the division, and the attendant knowledge of its inner workings, make me a good presidential candidate. The division has many strengths, including an energized core membership, a sterling reputation as an advocate for psychological science within and outside of APA, and a proud history of leadership in psychopharmacology and substance abuse research. The division also faces challenges, including a continued need to recruit members at all levels, concerns over finances in an uncertain economy, as well as potential APA governance and convention restructuring. If elected, I will use my existing working relationships with the Executive Committee and general membership to determine the best ways to navigate these challenges while maintaining the divisional aspects that we value most. I also plan to develop new initiatives during my presidency, focusing on a) retention of students transitioning from affiliate to member status; b) using our unique mix of senior and early career psychologists to enhance intergenerational engagement; and c) promoting knowledge exchange between preclinical and clinical scientists given the broad range of scientific interests represented by division members. Thank you for your consideration.

- William Stoops, PhD