Table of Contents

Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology: 2013, Volume 21 (5)

  • Psychopharmacology of attention: The impact of drugs in the age of increased distractions.
    Liguori, Anthony
    Pages 343-344
  • Impulsivity and motor activity in aged, male Ts65Dn mice.
    Whitney, Katharine N.; and Wenger, Galen R.
    Pages 345-354
  • An influence of delayed reinforcement on the effectiveness of psychostimulants to enhance indices of attention under a five-choice serial reaction time procedure in male rats.
    Slezak, Jonathan M.; & Katz, Johnathan L.
    Pages 355-362
  • Methylphenidate and atomoxetine enhance sensory-evoked neuronal activity in the visual thalamus of male rats.
    Navarra, Rachel L.; Clark, Brian D.; Zitnik, Gerard, A.; and Waterhouse, Barry D.
    Pages 363-374
  • "Comparative abuse liability of GHB and ethanol in humans". Correction to Johnson and Griffiths, 2013.
    Johnson, Matthew W.; and Griffiths, Roland R.
    Page 374
  • Methylphenidate does not influence smoking-reinforced responding or attentional performance in adult smokers with and without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
    Kollins, Scott H.; Schoenfelder, Erin; English, Joseph S.; McClernon F. Joseph; Dew, Rachel R.; and Lane, Scott D.
    Pages 375-384
  • Misuse of prescription stimulants among college students: A review of the literature and implications for morphological and cognitive effects on brain functioning.
    Weyandt, Lisa L.; Marraccini, Marisa E.; Gudmundsdottir, Bergljot Gyda; Zavras, Brynheld Martinez; Turcotte, Kyle D.; Munro, Bailey A.; and Amoroso, Alex J.
    Pages 385-407
  • Music increases alcohol consumption rat in young females.
    Stafford, Lorenzo D.; and Dodd, Hannah.
    Pages 408-415
  • Effects of the novel CB1 agonist on visual attention in male rats: Role of strategy and expectancy in task accuracy.
    Miller, Rikki A.; Thakur, Ganesh A.; Stewart, William N.; Bow, Joshua P.; Bajaj, Shama; Makriyannis, Alexandros; and McLaughlin, Peter J.
    Pages 416-425