Feature article

President’s column

The Div. 3 president thanks those who have helped the division thrive this year.

By Leah Light, PhD

My column this time around will be quite brief because this issue of our newsletter is bursting at the seams with articles by and about our members as well as information about the convention in Denver Aug. 4 to 7. There also is what I hope will become a regular feature of the newsletter, namely psychological science news from Sangy Panicker in the Science Directorate.

Being the president of the Society for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Psychology has been an adventure on which I have fortunately had experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated guides. David Washburn has been spearheading our new Membership Committee and we welcome our eight new pipeline scholars. Nominate your students for this honor. Bruce Overmier continues to advocate for our interests on the Council of Representatives, and thanks to all of you who gave us your votes last fall, we will have two representatives next year. Emily Elliott has orchestrated almost every aspect of our society’s work and is owed special thanks for her work in recruiting nominees for divisional offices. Anne Cleary and Matt Rhodes have organized a very rich program for Denver. Sarah Delozier, our student representative, has been working with staff at APA to create a new look for our website, which we are expecting to debut shortly and to produce a new logo that showcases our current name and status as a society. Keep an eye out for these. Lise Abrams, our Fellows Committee chair, has shepherded through a bumper crop of new and old fellows whose names we will be announcing soon. Janine Jennings has overseen our awards program, and we are delighted this year to have two winners of our Distinguished Career Award—Roddy Roediger and Duane Rumbaugh. Nathan Holtz, our webmaster, has kept us all informed about association news and events. And this issue is the last to be edited by Shaleigh Kwok who has done yeoman service on the newsletter.

I’ll stop here and just say that I’m looking forward to seeing you in Denver. Do come to our business meeting on Sunday morning and party with Div. 6 on Friday afternoon.