Message from the 2015 President

Cathy McDaniels Wilson, PhDWelcome. Our division provides political advocacy for SPTAs and state issues within the governance structure of APA; it facilitates communication among SPTAs, their staffs and their members; it also promotes and recognizes the activities of individual SPTAs and their representatives.

Outstanding Leaders

Since 1992, Donald McAleer, PsyD, ABPP, has held various positions in the Pennsylvania Psychological Association governance. During his presidential year (2001-2002), he worked with others to franchise the doctoral students of Pennsylvania, drawing them into the larger professional organization. Together they formed the Pennsylvania Psychological Association of Graduates Students, a student organization that bolsters the advocacy and leadership skills of its members and winner of the 2004 APAGS/CAPP/Division 31 SPTA Award.

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Benefits of Div. 31 Membership

Membership in Div. 31 has many benefits and include working with SPTAs to advance the profession and to promote the highest standards of ethics, accesssing the division’s email list which allows you to network with members and discuss issues of concern to students, and obtaining mentorship and opportunities for entry into APA governance.