News & Events

  • Div. 31 Endorses Three 2014 APA President-Elect Candidates
    Learn more about the three APA president-elect candidates who are being endorsed by Div. 31. The division endorses Antonio E. Puente, PhD, and Susan H. McDaniel, PhD (#1), and Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD (#2). The election ends on Oct. 29.
  • Students Run for Inaugural Div. 31 Board Student Representative
    Learn about the four candidates running for the inaugural student representative position on the Div. 31 board of directors.
  • Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship Fund Progress Updates
    Read progress updates from 2013 Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship Fund winners. 

  • Calia A. Torres and Jeremy J. Eggleston are the winners of the 2014 winners of the Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship.

    Calia A. TorresCalia A. Torres of the University of Alabama focused on furthering the understanding of the pain experience and pain management strategies used by Hispanic patients with chronic pain, who are served at the Federally Qualified Health Center in Central Alabama. Her qualitative approach evaluates cultural influences to determine their relationship to pain management disparities among Hispanic patients and seeks to identify potential cultural determinants in the way Hispanics report and manage pain.

    Jeremy J. EgglestonJeremy J. Eggleston of Fordham University examines the concept of post-traumatic growth following diagnosis of HIV/AIDS in minority-identified populations, often facing double stigmas of both ethnic minority status and sexual orientation. These stigmas often create impediments to accessing medical and mental health care. This research will examine the factors that work to promote a personal growth model of adjustment amidst chronic and pervasive levels of social-cultural stigma and shame.

  • APA Council of Representatives Report
    Read highlights from the February 2014 meeting of the APA Council of Representatives

  • Divisions Receive Interdivisional CODAPAR Grant to Create "Concussion Toolkit"
    Divs. 19 (Society for Military Psychology), 22 (Rehabilitation Psychology), 31 (State, Provincial and Territorial Affairs), 40 (Society for Clinical Neuropsychology) and 47 (Exercise and Sport Psychology) received a grant from the Committee on Division/APA Relations to create a Web-based "Concussion Toolkit," which will provide resources for clinicians, researchers and legislative advocates working in the concussion field.

  • August 2013 Council of Representatives Report
    Read highlights from the August 2013 meeting of the APA Council of Representatives about historical reforms that may reform APA governance.

  • Preparing Professional Psychologists to Serve a Diverse Public: A Core Requirement in Doctoral Education and Training
    For psychologists to competently serve all members of the public now and in the future, professional psychology training programs strive to ensure that psychology trainees demonstrate acceptable levels of knowledge, skills and awareness to work effectively with diverse individuals.

  • Free Electronic Health Record Templates
    Divs. 31 and 42 have compiled a digest of the record-keeping laws of each state as well as state-specific electronic health record templates. This benefit is available to every APA member at no charge.

  • Diversity Initiatives 
    The Div. 31 Diversity Leadership Development Training Program workshop, which focuses on leadership, negotiating and mentoring, was held at the 2013 State Leadership Conference.

  • 2013 Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship Fund Winners
    The Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship Fund winners for 2013 are Jin Kim of University of California-Davis and David Lick of University of California-Los Angeles.

  • APA Grants for Internship Programs
    The Council of Representatives approved funding to expand internship programs under a joint effort of the APA Board of Educational Affairs and the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Programs.

  • Video: IPA Executive Director Summarizes RxP Illinois
    Dr. Terry Koller, executive director of the Illinois Psychological Association, deftly summarizes the benefits of supporting prescription privileges for specially trained psychologists in Illinois.

  • APA Grants for Internship Programs — Request for Proposals
    APA has allocated money for seed funding under a grant application process to increase the number of accredited internship programs and positions, and to promote quality training for professional practice.  This grant program is one component of multifaceted efforts across the profession and APA to address the significant imbalance in supply and demand for accredited internships. 

  • Presentation Recruiting Early Career Psychologists (PDF, 281KB)
    At the 2012 APA convention, Tom DeMaio, PhD and Sarah Morsbach Honaker, PhD, presented concrete strategies for recruitment, retention, and engagement of early career psychologist (ECP) members in Div. 31. Specific content in the presentation includes data about ECP demographics and results about ECP activities in more than 30 SPTAs. The survey was conducted by Drs. Carla Bradshaw, DeMaio and Honaker.

  • MPA Passes Law to Curb Lack of Transparency in "Medical Necessity Criteria Sets" 
    MPA announces a major victory for neuropsychologists and patients in Massachusetts - the passing of a law addressing the lack of transparency in "medical necessity criteria sets."

  • Is There a Demand for Psychologists?
    A debate ensues about whether there remains a demand for new psychologists