Dinelia RosaDear members of Div. 31,

I am very excited to be your president this year. The full title of our division is Div. 31 (State, Provincial and Territorial Affairs [SPTAs]), with a main focus on SPTA leadership and advocacy. Div. 31 is very unique as it has two memberships, individual SPTAs. With this comes a big responsibility, particularly during this historical time for APA.

  • How can Div. 31 be relevant to our individual members and our SPTAs during these changing times for our discipline?
  • How can Div. 31 play a role, and what should that role shall be in assisting and supporting our members and psychological associations to thrive?
  • How can Div. 31 increase its visibility and active participation in APA endeavors associated with SPTAs?

This year, I would like us to focus on these questions. Soon I would be meeting with our executive board to discuss these questions and come up with ideas of how to put them into action. We will be sharing this information with you. In the meantime, I invite you to share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. We want all our members to be part of this important process.

To be continued.


Dinelia Rosa