2013 Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship Fund Winners

The Michael SuJin Kimllivan DiversDavid Lickity Scholarship Fund committee has selected two winners for 2013. They are Jin Kim of University of California-Davis and David Lick of University of California-Los Angeles.     
Ms. Jin Kim's research examines disparities in mental health treatment access, use, and outcomes in ethnic minority populations, with a particular emphasis on Asian Americans. This study, in particular, examines psychosocial barriers and facilitators of help-seeking among Asian-American college students who are in psychological distress. The overarching goal is to better understand why underutilization has persisted as a major disparity among Asian Americans, and how to address this problem to close the gap in unmet need.

Mr. David Lick's research integrates methods from various disciplines to better understand prejudice against members of stigmatized groups. He is especially interested in how low-level features of the target (e.g., facial features, body shape, body motion) and higher-level features of the perpetrator (e.g., identity threat, intergroup contact) interactively shape prejudice in the early moments of person perception. His upcoming study will test how visual exposure to masculine faces affects evaluative biases against real women who vary in their gendered appearance. 
This year there were 20 applications for the Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship. Submissions were of extremely high quality. Applicants were from Suffolk University, Indiana State University, University of Florida, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Columbia University, University of Cincinnati, Indiana University, John Jay College, University of California-Davis, Ryerson, University, UCLA, University of Michigan, Pacific University, Baylor University, The Chicago School, Pepperdine University, University of Maryland and the University of California-Santa Barbara.