Rollo May Award


Sponsor: Division 32


This Division 32 Heritage Award is given to an individual for independent and outstanding pursuit of new frontiers in humanistic psychology.

Applications accepted annually Sept. 1 to Nov. 1


Candidates must be nominated by a member of Div. 32.

Nominations for the Heritage Awards will be considered with the following:

  • Two brief paragraphs explaining who the person is and why they should receive an award

  • Contact information for the nominee (address, telephone, email)

  • A recent curriculum vitae

  • You do not need to designate the specific award you are nominating the person for

How to Apply

Nominees will be evaluated by the Awards Committee. The top candidates will be recommended to the Executive Committee who will select awardees at the January board meeting.

Nominations for the Heritage Awards are due by email to Susan Gordon, Awards Chair, from Sept. 1 to Nov. 1 annually.

Past Recipients

2017: Myrtle Heery
2016: Edward Mendelowitz
2015: Erik Craig
2014:Frederick J. Wertz
2013:Kenneth J. Gergen
2009: Larry Leitner
2007: Arthur Bohart
2006: Alvin R. Mahrer
2004: Kirk J. Schneider
2003: Amedeo Giorgi
2001: Ernest Keen
2000: Maurice Friedman
1998: Thomas Szasz
1997: Carmi Harari
1996: James F. T. Bugental