Undergraduate Student Research Award

The Div. 34 Undergraduate Student Research Award recognizes outstanding original research conducted by an undergraduate student or team of undergraduate students on any topic in environmental, conservation or population psychology. The award consists of a certificate and a $150 prize. The award will be judged by a panel of division members and awarded on the basis of both the quality of the research and the writing. The submission may be an original empirical investigation, a qualitative review paper or a meta-analysis.

Papers may be authored by one or more undergraduate students. That is, team submissions are acceptable, as well as research conducted by individual students. If a team paper is selected to receive the award, the cash portion will be divided equally between the undergraduate authors.

There may be co-authors who are not students, but lead authors must be undergraduate students.

Due Date: May 1, 2015

How to Apply

Students who would like their work considered for the award must make a submission. This submission should include the following.

  1. A cover letter indicating that they would like to be considered for the award.
  2. A letter from the faculty supervisor confirming that the applicant(s) is (are) an undergraduate student(s) in psychology or a related field (or was when the work was done) and that the applicant’s work on the project merits first authorship. In the case of a team submission, the confirmation should specify that lead authors are undergraduates, the work was a joint effort among the authors, and that the preponderance of the work was that of the undergraduate student authors.
  3. A full paper in APA style ("Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association," sixth edition) reporting the project. This should be a complete report of the work, as would be written for a journal submission.
  4. Two copies of the paper should be submitted: one with the authors' names included and one without, so blind reviews may be done.
Send your submissions to the Awards Committee Chair Ezra Markowitz. The deadline for receipt is May 1, 2015.

Past Recipients


Sander Van Der Linden


Amanda Lynn Halldorson, Jas Johal and Michael Lu
"Impact of Message Framing on Climate Change Attitudes and Behavioural Intentions: How Framing Affects the Likelihood to Engage in Pro-Environmental Transportation Behaviours"