President: Mary Gregerson

Mary GregersonMary Gregerson is president of Heartlandia Psychology with offices in Kansas City, MO; Leavenworth, KS; and Alexandria, VA. Since a University of Kansas graduate student, she has given selected and invited talks, conducted funded research and written books on applying environmental psychology research evidence to counseling, education and consulting in both public and private sectors. Gregerson helped found the field of environmental health psychology. She collaborates with academic colleagues to bring our psychology evidentiary base to business, government and education. Her second book, “Technology Innovations for Behavioral Education,” elaborated upon a 2010 APA Symposium, New Techniques and Technologies for American Graduate and Medical Education. An ongoing initiative called Media First Response is developing a global corps of psychological consultants to provide psychological science and composure promotion to local journalists and community officials handling mass communication during crises and disasters.


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