Bio: Leanne Green Rivlin (President 2004)

My current research interests include:

  1. Work on home and homelessness. With the goal of understanding the impacts of the loss of home I am reassessing findings from previous studies in which I have been involved including work on squatter communities in New York, interviews with homeless families in temporary housing concerning their lives in these facilities and interviews with formerly homeless families on their experiences in creating homes.

  2. Study of relocations at the CUNY Graduate School. David Chapin, a group of graduate students in environmental psychology (David Barhoff, Elena Danaila, Demetria Galanis, Dina Katz, Elisabeth Kocs, Talya Rechavi, and Karen Steinmayer) and I have been surveying the reactions of students, professors, staff and administrators at CUNY Graduate School to the relocation of many of the offices and people. We are examining the impacts of the moves, both positive and negative ones, with two goals. The first relates to our discipline, environmental psychology, and particularly its concern with relocation, place attachments and place identity. The second goal involves an examination of the implications of the findings for our future move to the 5th Avenue Building.

  3. Contested places study. This work involves historical, archival and contemporary research on contested areas, places that are the sites of struggles of people with religious, cultural, ethnic, economic and political differences. Interviews with present or former residents of these areas will be undertaken in order to identify some of the personal issues that may help to explain the sources of conflicts.