New division community Website

Division 34 offers a new community Website for sharing information, documents and opinion polls with other members

Our APA-supported community website is now available. The new website will supplement our email list, but unlike the email list, there will be a record of announcements and discussions that can be made separate from other exchanges, which can facilitate more involvement in the discussions.

In addition:

  • Documents and videos can be uploaded on the website which can enhance our ability to share information.

  • Opinion polls can also be posted there which can be used to assess the pulse of the division.

  • The webpage also provides a mechanism to help develop our interest groups and facilitate the operations of our society committees.

Register to join the discussion. You will need your MyAPA username and the password you used to pay for your dues this year. Get password assistance. If you have not yet paid your dues, you will not be able to join.

If you need further help, or you would like to join any of our interest groups, contact Stephanie Paidasdukarm. She is assisting us with our use of this webpage.