How to Get Involved in the Society for the Psychology of Women (SPW)

SPW welcomes new members interested in women's issues. There are many ways to get involved. Join a task force or committee to promote a feminis tagenda, participate in meaningful dialogue as a member of a dynamic and diverse division, and/or become involved in the leadership of the division. SPW welcomes all voices. We are actively recruiting early career psychologists, women of color and women interested in feminist leadership and collaboration. Check out the Division 35 Executive Committee organizational roster (PDF, 98KB) for contact information for the section officers, student representative, committee chairs and task force chairs.

Become Involved


SPW includes many active committees exploring a range of issues related to the psychology of women. Check the Div. 35 Executive Committee organizational roster to determine who to contact to become involved with a committee related to your interests or contact the current president about creating a new committee. 

One committee that is actively recruiting members is the Committee on Technology Div. 35's Committee on Technology is seeking a co-chair and new committee members. Committee tasks include developing and reviewing policy and procedure regarding technology, creating educational programming for SWP members about technology and much more. Come be creative and help the division become a technology leader at APA. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Marlene Maheu,PhD, with the following information: 

  • Previous experience with technology
  • Number of hours available per week for this task
  • CV
  • Anything else of relevance
Task Forces

SPW also includes many task forces exploring specialized issues facing women and to help advance the efforts of the division. The following four task forces have been implemented by the current president:

Descriptions of these task forces and other presidential task forces can be found on the website. Feel free to contact the task force chair indicated on the Div. 35 Executive Committee organizational roster based on your interests.


SPW has five different sections in which members can become involved based on their interest, including

  • Section I: The Psychology of Black Women
  • Section III: Concerns of Hispanic Women/Latinas
  • Section IV: Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns
  • Section V: Psychology of Asian Pacific American Women
  • Section VI: Alaska Native/American Indian/Indigenous Women.
Each section has a leadership committee and additional ways to become involved in the division.
Graduate Students

SPW offers graduate students unique ways to become involved in the division. In addition to the committees, task forces, and sections previously described, graduate students have the opportunity to gain leadership roles in the division. Graduate students can apply to be campus representatives for the division on their respective institutions during their graduate career to gain experience implementing feminist projects that promote Div. 35 and feminist/womanist psychology. Graduate students interested in future leadership in Div. 35 also have the opportunity to apply for the position of Graduate Student Representative to receive mentoring and support in this pursuit. Check out the website to learn more about these opportunities.

Women and Aging Subcommittee

This subcommittee is seeking volunteers to serve as committee members. Challenges and concerns related to older women have been at the forefront for several years now and, with the first baby boomers turning 65 earlier this year, can be expected to become even more important in the coming years. Colleagues with teaching, research, or service interests related broadly to the field of women and aging (e.g., health and well-being, retirement, relationships, caregiving, attitudes and stereotypes) who are interested in serving on the committee are encouraged to contact Jamila Bookwala.

Contact Information

Please contact Pam Remer, President 2012-2013, if you are interested in becoming more involved in Society for the Psychology of Women activities. Let her know your interests, expertise and availability, and she will put you in touch with the task force and/or committee chairs who are the best match.