Division 35 committees consist of the Executive Committee of elected officers, Standing Committees established by the Society Bylaws, and Special Committees created by the Executive Committee.

Standing Committees

Awards Standing Committees

  • Awards  
  • Barbara Strudler Wallston Award for the Representation of Underrepresented Groups in the Publication Process 
  • Carolyn Wood Sherif Award 
  • Div 35/AWP Student Research Prize 
  • Geis Scholarship Award 
  • Heritage Awards  
  • Hyde Graduate Student Research Award 
  • Psychology of Black Women Graduate Student Award 
  • Psychotherapy with Women Award 
  • Strickland-Daniel Mentoring Award  
  • Sue Rosenberg Zalk Award 


  • AWP/SPW Science Track Coordinator 
  • Division 35 Website Coordinator
  • Newsletter Editor