2011 SPW/AWP Hospitality Suite

Hospitality Suite

Each year, Division 35 and the Association of Women in Psychology host the SPW/AWP Hospitality Suite at the annual APA Convention. The hospitality suite is a place where division members and others interested in the psychology of women gather for informal programs and social events in a more intimate setting.

Now is your chance to submit requests for suite programming at this year’s convention. Please submit all requests no later than June 1. All AWP submissions should be sent to Kim Stark-Wroblewski and all Division 35 submissions should be sent to Jessica Barnack-Tavlaris.

Appropriate suite programs include the following:

  1. section meetings 

  2. task force or committee meetings 

  3. discussion hours that follow programs scheduled in the regular program (e.g., conversation following the presentation about the APA Task Force report on the sexualization of young girls) 

  4. informal programs (e.g., publishing in PWQ, teaching a course on the psychology of mothering, etc.).

Suite hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. The programming time slots are 50 minutes each, with 10-minute breaks between sessions. Because of the limited number of slots, please refrain from requesting longer time periods.

Each submitted request should include the following:

  1. Name and contact information of the primary participant (this will be the person we contact regarding the proposal’s status) 

  2. Names of other participants and the organization/section represented 

  3. Brief title and description of the program 

  4. Type of programming (e.g., discussion hour, meeting) 

  5. Times when your program should NOT be scheduled

Please submit a request for each event in the suite, including business meetings and annual programs. The suite coordinator and the liaison positions rotate and the individuals planning the programming may not be aware of past norms regarding scheduling. If there are other program events during which you believe suite programming should NOT be scheduled (e.g., President’s address), please indicate so.

While every effort will be made to do so, all requested programs may not be able to be accommodated. Please do not request time in the suite for proposals that were submitted but not accepted by APA program committee reviewers.