Global/International Perspectives on the Psychology of Women Standing Committee

By Lillian Comas-Díaz, Chair

As our global village becomes smaller, we can listen to the feminist voices from all parts of the world. The Global/International Perspectives on the Psychology of Women Standing Committee of the Society acts as “ambassador” of global feminism.

The committee’s objectives are to: 

  1. Provide a conduit for an international feminist dialogue 

  2. Monitor global women’s issues 

  3. Recognize psychologists’ advocacy on behalf of international women and girls’ well-being 

  4. Promote projects consistent with these goals

International Feminist Dialogue

Early historical feminism was culturally embedded. Consequently, the Global/International Perspectives on the Psychology of Women Standing Committee invites feminists from diverse cultures, races, ethnicities, social classes, and nations for dialogue and collaboration. Specifically, the Committee aspires to promote an exchange of ideas between feminists from the United States and feminists from all over the world. To strengthen such exchange, the committee publishes the Global Corner, a newsletter column in the Feminist Psychologist. The Global Corner tries to highlight issues affecting women around the world. Among the topics discussed within this forum are:

  • Earthquakes cannot silence feminist women
    A discussion of the effects of the 2010 Haiti earthquake on women

  • Sin nombre: Female immigrants and the anti-immigration laws
    A discussion of the effects of the United States anti-immigration laws on Latinas and their children.

  • International female leaders: A lesson for feminist psychologists
    A presentation of women heads of state around the world and a discussion of what United States women can learn from them.

Recognition of Feminist Psychologists’ Advocacy on International Women’s Well-Being

The committee sponsors the Corann Okorodudu Global Women's Advocacy Award, which seeks to honor junior or senior psychologists who have worked to advocate for women's mental health around the globe. This award is named for the founder of the Committee who worked internationally through NGOs and the UN to support mental health rights of women.

Special Projects

The committee is working on developing a book proposal on trafficking, a problem faced by a significant number of women across the globe. The book proposal will be submitted to Division 35 Book Series. Additional projects emerge out of the ensuing women’s global agenda.

Collaboration With APA Groups

The committee members meet annually with the APA Division on International Psychology (Division 52) Committee on Women during the convention. The joint group members identify common goals, plan convention programs, and devise other forms of collaboration.

You can collaborate with us. Feel free to contact Lillian Comas-Díaz.