• Raising Girls November 2013 Podcast: A Positive Approach to Menarche and Menstruation
    This podcast focuses on helping adolescent girls prepare for and acclimate to the life-changing experience of menstruation.

  • Call for Proposals: "Making Way for Minerva!" (PDF, 218KB) 
    Submit proposals for "Making Way for Minerva! Joint Programming on Advancing the Status of Women in Psychology" — collaborative programming offered by the Association for Women in Psychology (APW) and the Society for the Psychology of Women (SPW) that targets a common mission: the mentoring of women in psychology into academic, research, practice and administrative leadership roles. The programming will take place at SPW's midwinter Executive Committee meeting in conjunction with the annual meeting of the APW on March 6-9, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio. Deadline for proposals: Dec. 1, 2013.

  • Div. 35 Seeks Contributors to its Great Leaders Series 
    By contributing to the Great Leaders Series, graduate students and early career psychologists have the opportunity develop a mentoring relationship with a feminist leader in the division.

  • Adolescent Girls and Physical Activity
    The decrease in physical activity among girls entering adolescence has a lasting impact on the rest of their lives. Learn the reasons behind this trend and what you can do to address it.
  • Challenging the Stigma of Abortion
    Division 35’s Committee on Reproductive Issues identifies ways psychologists can challenge stigma of abortion and enhance women’s health and well-being.

  • Committee on Technology Seeks Co-Chair and Members
    Join Division 35's Committee on Technology to help develop the division's policy and education regarding technology.
  • The Adolescent Girls Committee September Podcast
    The October Adolescent Girls Committee's podcast discusses fostering healthy risk-taking behavior in adolescent girls.

  • Feminist Psychologists Advocate for Women’s Reproductive Health and Rights
    Learn about recent assaults on women’s reproductive health, and how feminist psychologists are working to ensure reproductive rights.

  • Institute for Academic Feminist Psychologists a Success 
    Read a recap of the Institute for Academic Psychologists held in January.

  • From Our Associate Affiliate Representative
    Introducing Division 35's Associate Affiliate Representative, Erica Carr.

  • The Adolescent Girls Committee Presents Podcast
    The Adolescent Girls Committee's podcast examines teen-parent relationships.

  • Meet Our Student Representative
    Introducing the Division 35 student representative, Monica Unique Ellis.

  • SPW Responds to the Events at Penn State
    The child sexual abuse case at Penn State University has shocked and disappointed the country. Read reactions and analyses of Penn State feminist psychologists and other SPW members with expertise relevant to issues in this case, not only sexual violence, but gender and leadership, power, institutional transformation, and more.

  • From the President-Elect: Feminist Mentoring
    Pam Remer reflects on the uniqueness of feminist mentoring.

  • Division 35 Produces its First Film 
    The Psychology of Human Trafficking, a film developed, directed and produced by Division 35's Task Force on the Feminist Perspectives of the Trafficking of Women is a powerful review of the crime of trafficking and how it is affecting young women and girls.

  • Feminist Psychology Combats the Trafficking of Women and Girls 
    A report by Division 35's Special Committee on Violence Against Women raises awareness about human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

  • Women Psychotherapists: Journeys in Healing
    A new book on feminist psychology, Women Psychotherapists: Journeys in Healing, highlights several Society for the Psychology of Women members.

  • 2011 Presidential Advocacy Scholarship Recipients
    The Presidential Advocacy Scholarship will cover the registration fee for three student members of Division 35 to attend PsycAdvocates Day at APA's 2011 Convention in Washington, DC. The Scholarship embodies one of the core aims of Division 35: to advocate action toward public policies that advance equality and social justice. Find out who this year's recipients are.

  • Division 35 Announces New PWQ Facebook Page 
    Psychology of Women Quarterly (PWQ), the American Psychological Association's Division 35 official journal, is celebrating its 35th Anniversary in 2011, and the PWQ Facebook page has been developed to build our feminist community, develop and disseminate information about the journal, and advance the empirical and theoretical knowledge-base centered on the psychology of women. Please join the PWQ Facebook page.

  • Feminist Federal Advocacy 
    Division 35 revives its advocacy efforts on media literacy programs aimed at depiction of girls and women in the media; supporting the campaign to end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"; and contacting representatives in support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

  • Division 35 Launches a New Section
    The Society for the Psychology of Women announces the creation of Alaska Native, American Indian, and Indigenous Women section.

  • Honoring and Supporting Feminist Action
    Jubilee Women's Center honored for feminism in action at the local level.

  • Happy 35th Birthday Division 35! (PDF, 217.58KB)
    Read the text given by panelists at the 2009 National Multicultural Conference and Summit on the past, present and future of feminist psychology.

  • Division 35 Position Paper on Prescription Privileges 
    Read the the Division 35 position paper on Prescription Privileges. It is the final product of the mid-1990s Task Force on Prescription Privileges