The Society for the Psychology of Women produces several types of publications:

Division Journals

Psychology of Women Quarterly (PWQ) is a feminist scientific journal that publishes empirical research, critical reviews, theoretical articles, brief reports and invited book reviews related to the psychology of women and gender, including sex-related comparisons; psychobiological factors; sexuality; physical and sexual abuse, violence, and harassment; social and cognitive processes; lifespan role development and change; career choice and training; management and performance variables; education; prejudice and discrimination; physical and mental health and well-being; and therapeutic processes. Topics related to ethnic minority and cross-cultural issues are encouraged. 

Division Newsletters

The summer issue of The Feminist Psychologist is a password-protected newsletter (PDF, 13.1MB), Div. 35 members were emailed the password. Contact the editors with any questions or comments.

Section Newsletters

Division 35 Book Series

All of the books in the Psychology of Women series are published by APA. The division also sponsors other exceptional books.