Section V: Psychology of Asian Pacific American Women

Section V: Psychology of Asian Pacific American Women, established in 2008, develops and advances feminist understanding of the psychology of Asian Pacific American women. Section members and officers include graduate students, faculty, private practice clinicians, university counseling center psychologists, training directors, etc. and anyone who shares our values and mission.

Each year, starting in 2012, our section has given Pioneer Awards to Asian Pacific American feminists in recognition of their contributions to the community and mentorship and for being role models who exemplify the values, mission and philosophy of Section V.


The Section V official newsletter, The Asian Pacific Women’s Connection, contains articles from the section's president, president-elect, lists section events and other relevant information.

Recent Presentations

Trauma and Healing Among Asian Pacific American Women (PDF, 41KB)
Effects of racism include low self-esteem, illness, depression/anxiety and body image disturbances. Healing occurs with communication, validation, advocacy and empathy.


Membership period is January-December. After Aug. 1, memberships are applied to the following calendar year. You may apply for membership in Section V: Psychology of Asian Pacific American Women. 

For more information about Section V, join our Facebook group and visit our website.

Executive Committee Officers

President (2017-18)
Ivy K. Ho

Past President (2016-17)
Khanh T. Dinh

President-Elect (2015-16)
Catherine Hsieh

Secretary (2015-16)
Yuki Okubo

Treasurer (2016-17)
Sherry Wang

Newsletter Editor (2015-16)
Bonny Chang

Student Representatives
Tiffany Chang (2015-16)
Jessica Liu (2016-17)

Membership Committee Co-chairs (three years; 2016-18)
Kayoko Yokoyama
Stephanie Phan

Awards Committee Co-chairs (three years; 2016-18)
Phi Loan Le
Leilani Crane

Coordinator Committee Co-chairs (three years; 2016-18)
Shihwe Wang
Jan Estrellado

Program Co-chairs (2016-17)
Grace Kim
Chu Kim-Prieto

Research Collaborations Coordinator
Ivy K. Ho

Student Task Force
Mentors: Diane Hayashino and Ivy K. Ho
Co-chairs: Tiffany Chang and Jessica Liu

Early and Mid-career Task Force Co-chairs
Grace Kim and Susana Ming Lowe