Section V Highlights

By Diane Hayashino

Section V: Psychology of Asian Pacific American Women (APIA) was formed to raise awareness of APIA women's concerns by giving voice to their experiences and rich histories, valuing their diversity, and supporting each through the process.

  • The mission of Section 5 is to raise awareness of APIA women’s concerns by giving voice to our experiences and rich histories, valuing our diversity, and supporting one another through the process.

  • Our membership includes professionals and students who are strong, passionate, and interested in networking with others for support, mentorship, and guidance. Our section has an active list serve and recently our amazing student representatives created a social networking site through Ning. The networking site provides an online community for Asian Pacific American women in graduate psychology programs and beyond to share perspectives relevant to their personal and professional development. The homepage is public and includes general information about our Section, upcoming events, and links. The privacy setting creates a safe place for members to connect and share their experiences. Discussion topics will include dealing with cultural differences at work/school, challenging stereotypes, and how to engage in self-care.

  • We also encourage and support leadership opportunities within our section and the division, including, serving as a member on our executive committee, collaborating on convention proposals, etc.

  • We are excited to engage in collaborative programs with the other sections, and at the 2011 APA convention are participating in a roundtable with the other sections in division 35. During the 2010 APA convention, we held a joint event with the Asian American Psychological Association’s Division on Women which was very well-attended and focused on self-care and social networking. We are looking forward to joining with DoW again this year at the APA convention, and are planning to have a mentoring mixer!

  • We are a friendly and welcoming group of women who enjoy good conversation, food, and fun!

Exciting Things to Look For

  • Our Section’s Spring newsletter is in the works and sure to be fantastic! The newsletter’s theme is on mentorship and professional development, and will include personal stories from our members.

  • For the APA convention in 2011, our section has two hours of programming: 1) a roundtable entitled Voices of Asian Pacific American women: Reactions and coping with racism, sexism, and heterosexism, 2) symposium entitled The Experiences of Institutional Oppression Through the Profession and the Role of Mentoring in Coping and Thriving.

  • Development of a mentoring program specific for APIA women grad students and early career professionals.

  • Section 5 buttons! Look for us proudly wearing our Section 5 buttons at the APA convention and ask us about why you should join our section!