Section I: Governance Structure

President (2014-2016)

Wendi S. Williams, PhD Wendi S. Williams, PhD
Associate Professor and Coordinator, Counseling
Long Island University – Brooklyn School of Education
9 Hanover Place, 4th Floor Brooklyn, NY 11233
Telephone: (718) 780-4369
Fax: (718) 246-6351

Research Interests: Wendi Williams, PhD, is a counseling psychologist and is on faculty at Long Island University – Brooklyn in the Department of Counseling and School Psychology. Her work centers on the development, implementation and evaluation of school and community-based health and educational interventions that promote optimal health and well-being among urban youth and their families and the practitioners that will work with them. She engages research for action and social change and implements interventions that build critical consciousness among participants. Her intent is to facilitate awareness about the connection between physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness among populations disconnected from these relationships.

President-Elect (2016-2017)

Vivian D. Barnette, PhD

Past President

Earlise Ward, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing
Telephone: (608) 263-0745

Research Interests: Earlise Ward, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the School of Nursing. Her program of research focuses on developing and testing a culturally specific behavioral intervention to treat depression among African-American adults. Her long research goal is to reduce mental health disparities with a focus on increasing the quality of mental health care provided to African-Americans and improving mental health outcomes for this group.

Past Past President

Cat Thompson, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist University of California, San Diego
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
9500 Gilman Drive MC 0304 La Jolla, CA 92093-0304
Telephone: (858) 534-3987
Fax: (858) 534-2628

Clinical Interests: As a multicultural feminist psychologist working in a college counseling center, Cat Thompson, PhD’s work focuses on assisting students in their transition to college and facilitating their movement into young adulthood. She is particularly interested in issues related to identity development, especially among biracial/multiracial/ethnic/cultural and LGBT individuals.

Membership Committee

Beatrice Tatum, PhD
Counseling Psychologist, Executive Director and Owner Wellnesss Intiatives LLC
1900 North 18th St, Suite 414
Monroe, LA 71201
Telephone: (318) 410-1555

Clinical Interests: Beatrice Tatem, PhD, is the owner and executive director of Wellness Initiatives, LLC, a private practice dedicated to providing mental health services to children, adolescents and adults. She promotes mental health and wellness through outreach and consultation. Tatem works with a wide range of behavioral and mental health issues for a diverse group of people. She has dedicated much of her career to the provision of mental health services, clinical outreach and civic engagement "to all and for all." Tatem focuses on women and children issues, sexualized violence, diversity issues, crisis and trauma, university counseling center administration and outreach. Her commitment to service within the mental health and sexual assault world has enabled her to connect her service to communities on local, regional, national and international levels.

Beryl L. Wingate, PsyD, LP
Consultant and Private Practitioner
Wells Fargo Employee Assistance Consulting
730 Second Ave. S. Ste #285
MAC N9314-020
Minneapolis, MN 55479
Telephone: (612) 667-7212

Clinical Interests: In her corporate setting, Beryl L. Wingate, PsyD, LP, is on a team that provides consultation focused on positively impacting team member engagement and productivity. In private practice, she primarily supports adult and adolescent females healing from emotional distress related to multicultural/racial/ethnic identity, and relationship issues, family of origin and substance abuse issues.


Julii Green, PhDJulii Green, PhD
Assistant Professor
CSPP at Alliant International University
10455 Pomerado Rd.
San Diego, CA 92131 Telephone: (858) 635-4847

Clinical and Research Interests: Julii Green, PhD, has worked in the following areas of intimate partner violence and ethnically diverse family relationships; trauma and attachment; multicultural and community psychology; Alaska Native/American Indian/Indigenous mental health and wellness for several years. Additionally, she is interested in clinical work focused on ethnicity and underage substance use; child welfare system involvement, trauma and resilience; as well as feminism and women’s issues (e.g., reproductive justice). She teaches courses addressing cultural competency in mental health services and behavioral theory. She holds the following offices within APA Div. 35 (Society for the Psychology of Women): continuing education co-chair; dean, Feminist Psychology Institute; and treasurer for APA Div. 35, Section I (The Psychology of Black Women) and Section VI (Alaska Native/American Indian/Indigenous Women).


Maryam Jernigan, PhDMaryam Jernigan, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor
Yale University School of Medicine
Program for Obesity, Eating and Weight Research
301 Cedar Street, 2nd Floor
New Haven, CT 06520 |
Telephone: (203) 737-5793

Clinical and Research Interests: Maryam Jernigan, PhD, has worked in the area of program development and implementation of culturally responsive interventions for black and Latino youths for numerous years. More broadly, her research interests include racial identity development theory, specifically its impact on the lives of children and adolescents of color. Racial identity social interactions in training and supervision represent another area of clinical and research focus. Jernigan is currently a T32 research fellow at Yale University focused on investigating the social determinants of health disparities in the prevalence of obesity amongst black and Latino youths.

Newsletter Editor

Dionne Stephens, PhD
Assistant Professor
Joint Appointment Department of Psychology
and African Diaspora Studies Program
Florida International University
Miami, FL 33199
Telephone: (305) 348-6274

Research Interests: Dionne Stephens, PhD’s research examines sociocultural factors shaping minority populations’ sexual health processes, with emphasis on gender and ethnic/racial identity development. Her current studies examine sexual script development's influence on sexual risk outcomes (including sexually transmitted infection acquisition, intimate violence and human papillomavirus vaccination uptake), across racial/ethnic groups. Through tracking of sexual life trajectories, Stephens' goal is to identify developmental factors promoting resilience and buffering negative sexual health outcomes.

Awards Chair

Cashuna Huddleston, MA
Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student
Department of Educational Psychology
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77004

Clinical and Research Interests: Cashuna Huddleston, MA’s current research interests are related to improving the conditions of black people and to bring about overall understanding of us as a race by looking at racism/discrimination, specific disorders/ health- related issues and issues that directly impact black women. Under the supervision of her advisor, Nicole Coleman, PhD, she is seeking to understand the relationship between the risky sexual behaviors of black women and intimate partner violence. Her clinical interest involves developing and testing treatments for anxiety that meet the needs of older African-American adults at the Houston VA Medical Center & Baylor College of Medicine.

Early Career Committee Representative

Telsie A. Davis, PhDTelsie A. Davis, PhD
Military Sexual Trauma/Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Trauma Recovery Program
Atlanta Veterans Administration & Medical Center
The Davis Center, LLC
Telephone: (678) 390-5140

Research Interests: Telsie A. Davis, PhD, is a licensed counseling psychologist who specializes in evidence-based and culturally relevant trauma-focused interventions for African-American women in recovery from PTSD and substance use disorders. She actively conducts research in this area to ensure African-American women benefit equally from the scientific advances in psychology. As founder/director of The Davis Center, Davis promotes competency among mental health professionals in the areas of African-American women's issues in treatment, cultural diversity and mental health, and culturally competent delivery of manualized treatments for PTSD
and substance use.

Student Representative – Social Media

Tiffany Williams, MEd, LPCTiffany Williams, MEd, LPC
Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student
College of Education and Human Services
Cleveland State University
Cleveland, OH 44115

Research and Clinical Interests: Tiffany Williams, MEd’s research interests include racism, discrimination, black women’s struggles with work-life-family balance, minority women’s experiences in academia, minority pipeline research, minority doctoral student retention, practitioner burnout prevention and professional ethics. Her clinical interests involve working with adults struggling with severe mental health disorders and crisis intervention assessment and treatment practices within community mental health agencies and university counseling centers. Under the supervision of her advisor, Julia Phillips, PhD, she welcomes a new clinical experience, which is conducting psychological assessments for urban youth at one of Cleveland’s top child welfare agencies.