Section III: Concerns of Hispanic Women/Latinas

"Caminante, no hay puentes, se hace puentes al andar."
(Voyager, there are no bridges, one builds them as one walks.)
― Gloria E. Anzaldúa

Section III has a long history. It began in 1977 as a task force within Div. 35 and was led by Martha Bernal, PhD. In 1986 it became a committee within Div. 35, and in 2003 it was named a Section. Section III has benefitted from the leadership and participation of inspiring Latinas such as Oliva Espin, PhD; Hortensia Amaro, PhD; Maryann Santos de Barona, PhD; Cynthia de las Fuentes, PhD; Alberta M. Gloria, PhD; Rachel Navarro, PhD; Carrie Castañeda-Sound, PhD; and Aida Hurtado, PhD. 


The purpose of Section III of Div. 35 is to assemble individuals who are interested in a broad spectrum of issues affecting Hispanic women/Latinas. If you are interested in getting involved with Section III activities and committees, please contact Section III President Bianca Guzmán.

Membership Benefits

  • Networking and fellowship with professionals and students interested in Hispanic women/Latinas' issues.

  • Convention programming.

  • Section III email list.

  • Leadership opportunities.

  • Active collaboration with other sections and organizations.

  • Section III sponsored awards and recognition.

For membership questions, please contact President Bianca Guzmán.

Download the membership brochure and application (PDF, 142KB). Send your completed Section III membership application and $5 for dues student affiliate and $10 dues section member. New memberships are free.

Division Services Office
American Psychological Association
750 First St. NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242

If sending a check, please make it payable to APA Division 35.

Additional Div. 35 Information

Contact Keith Cooke at (202) 336-6013


Please send your announcements and accomplishments for the upcoming Division 35 Section III newsletter to Bernadette Solórzano.

Recent Presentations

APA 2016 Annual Convention, Denver


  • "Latina Girls and Adolescents—Challenges and Resilience"
    Donna Castañeda, Chair 
  • "Latina Girl's Sexual Development"
    Bianca Guzmán
  • "Latina Adolescents Linkage with Gang Violence"
    Yoseline P. Lopez-Marroquin 
Section III Roundtable Discussion
"We are Uniquely 1 percent—Increasing Latina Representation in the Academy"
Yoseline Lopez-Marroquin, Yvette Flores, and Donna Castañeda

Student Representatives

The student representatives are:

  • Danielle Quintero, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Yoseline Paulett Lopez-Marroquin, Antioch University-Santa Barbara

Student Scholar Latina Award

The purpose of the Student Scholar Latina Award is to honor the scholarly contributions of a Section III student member who has conducted research and/or scholarly work that advances the psychology of Latina/Hispanic women. Submissions for consideration may include products based on degree-related work (e.g., dissertations) or other projects (class papers). All materials should be emailed to Dellanira Garcia by April 15, 2017.