Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality Newsletter: 2012

  • April (PDF, 389KB)
    In this issue: Religious and Spiritual Issues Among Cardiac Patients: Dilemmas Faced by Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Recipients by Gina Magyar-Russell, APA Council of Representatives Meeting Report, Winter 2012 by Elizabeth Hall and William Hathaway, How Did We Get Here? (President's Column) by Chris Boyatzis, The Authenticity of Faith and the Wisdom of William James by Richard Beck, Diversity in Clinical Experiences: How Experiences Have Shaped Clinical Practice by Brittany L. Montes and A. Reese Holt, and brief book reviews.

  • July (PDF, 2.3MB)
    In this issue: Teaching the Psychology or Religion introduced by Pres. Chris Boyatzis Teaching the Psychology of Religion at a State Universtiy by Michael E. Nielsen, Teaching the Psychology of Religion to Adult Learners by Elizabeth A. Maynard, A Bill of Fare with a Real Egg: Fowler IV Students on a Jamesian Path by Mary Anne Siderits, Teaching the Psychology of Religion at a Public Liberal Arts College by Benjamin Wood, What is Your Doctoral Degree in Psychology Worth if You Don't Have a Job? by Innocent Okozi, APA Convention Scheduleof Division 36 events, including Hospitality Suite, Announcements, and Psychologists Love Quotes feature.

  • October
    In this issue: The Many Faces and Voices of Division 36: Finding Your Own Unique Way to Touch the Lives of Others (President's column) by Julie Exline, Division 36 2012 Student Award Winners, Division 36: China Delegation 2012 by Kevin L. Ladd, Reflections as a Faculty Member at Spalding University by Ken Linfield, and Student Perspectives on the APA Convention by Nina Reynolds and Charlynn Odahl.