President's Message

Dennis DebiakRecently, I appointed Bill Gottdiener to be the new chair of the division’s Fellows Committee. Along with Dolores Morris, Bill had served on the committee for years under previous chair, David Ramirez, a past treasurer and past president of the division. David, I am grateful to you for all that you have done for the division over the years, and especially for being such an effective advocate for Div. 39 fellow status nominees.

Benefits of Membership

Members of Div. 39 have exclusive access to publications, professional opportunities and continuing education, such as:

Reduced Rates for PEP-WEB

Div. 39 members are eligible to subscribe to PEP-WEB, the Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing Company's searchable database of psychoanalytic writings, for only $66 a year.

International Journal of PsychoanalysisDiscounted subscription to The International Journal of Psychoanalysis (IJP)

Savings range from 50 percent off for regular subscribers to about 70 percent off for candidates.

PsycSCAN: Psychoanalysis