Scholarship and Research Award

Initially called the Scientific Award, the name was changed in 2002 in order to emphasize our Division’s solid commitment to both research and scholarship as part of our mission. This award is given to a person who has made significant contributions in advancing psychoanalytic psychology in the areas of theory, practice, and/or research. The award is somewhat artificially divided into research and scholarship, with the understanding that many nominees have made contributions in both areas. We want to emphasize the empirical basis for psychoanalytic psychology and its role in advancing scientific knowledge, as well as recognize psychoanalytic psychology as part of the wider social sciences and humanities. Honorees are expected to prepare a lecture that will be given as part of the award ceremonies during the Spring Meeting.


Members who have made significant contributions to psychoanalytic theory, practice, and/or research are eligible for this award.

How to Apply

Nominees are solicited from the board members and former honorees, evaluated by the Awards Committee and presented to the Division Board of Directors, which makes the final determination of recipients. Please direct any questions to Mary-Joan Gerson, the current chair of this committee.

Past Recipients

2014: William Gottdiener, PhD
2014:  Elliot Jurist
Paul Wachtel
2012:  Nancy McWilliams
2011:  Adrianne Harris
2010:  Kimberlyn Leary
2009:  Ricardo Ainslie
2008:  Allan Schore
2007:  Doris Silverman
2006:  Wilma Bucci
2005:  Judie Alpert
2004:  Enrico Jones
2003:  Bertram Karon
2002:  Drew Westen
2001:  Jessica Benjamin
2000:  Sidney J. Blatt
1999:  Beatrice Beebe
1998:  Frank Lachmann
1997:  Fred Pine
1996:  Louise J. Kaplan
1995:  Robert Stolorow
1994:  Irene Fast
1993:  Jay R. Greenberg
1992:  Morris Eagle
1991:  Sylvia Brody
1990:  Marvin Hyman
1989:  Steven A. Mitchell
1988:  Bruno Bettleheim