Graduate Student Committee

The Graduate Student Committee promotes the interests of graduate students within Div. 39, serves as a network for the more than 300 student members of the division and supports them as they pursue their education and training and develop their professional identities.

The Graduate Student Committee is engaged in the following activities:

  • Planning events within the division that address the specific needs of graduate students. This includes Live Supervision Workshops at the spring and the summer meetings, graduate student clinical workshops, special seminars with keynote speakers, as well as social and networking events
  • Reaching out to graduates schools and internship training programs to invite graduate students to join Div. 39, attend the spring meeting and take advantage of our programs
  • Providing resources for graduate students interested in psychoanalysis including information on internship programs and postdoctoral fellowships
  • Developing a national network of graduate students who share an interest in psychoanalytic psychology

In addition to its regular activities the Graduate Student Committee seeks to:

  • Further the utilization of social media to provide means for graduate students to link up and share information and experiences
  • Create more opportunities for graduate students to have their voices heard within the Division and beyond
  • Increase coordination of our efforts with the Early Career Professional Committee
  • Develop opportunities for graduate students within the division to get together with their peers around the country for social, networking and professional development activities

The Graduate Student Committee engages in these activities through the following subcommittees:

  • Media Subcommittee
  • Local Chapters Subcommittee
  • Leadership Subcommittee
  • Meetings Subcommittee
  • Multicultural Subcommittee

If you have any questions about the Graduate Student Committee or want to get involved, please contact the Graduate Committee co-chairs Zane Dodd PhD and Anna Maria Baldauf. Also, please like our Facebook page and visit our website.

Committee Members

  • Anna Maria Baldauf
  • Zane Dodd
  • Joshua Turchan
  • Melissa Rappo
  • Nathan Haskell
  • Morgan Custer
  • Kritika Dwivedi
  • Marie C. Hansen
  • Albert Pace
  • Sean Fowler
  • William Chen
  • Asli Baz

Committee Publications