Committee on Sexualities and Gender Identities

Committee Objectives

  1. To conduct an assessment of the needs of Division 39 members regarding LGBT concerns and issues, including developing a means to provide all members interested in this topic with a voice in the affairs of the Division (e.g., networking, conducting a survey in the Division 39 newsletter, etc.).

  2. To make contact with APA Division 44, The Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Issues, and to explore areas of mutual interest including: joint programming; updating LGBT psychologists—who may have justifiably rejected psychoanalytic theory in the past—about revisions to psychoanalysis; inviting members of Division 44, as well as other like-minded APA divisions, to join with us.

  3. To make recommendations to the Board of Division 39 regarding the role and the needs of LGBT members and to foster program development at Division meetings to be sponsored by the committee.

Committee Members

  • Scott Pytluk (co-chair)
  • Shara Sand (co-chair)
  • Brian Brown
  • Wayne Bullock
  • Priscilla Butler
  • Dennis Debiak
  • Martin Devine
  • Karen Dias
  • Colin Ennis
  • Rhonda Factor
  • Bill Lubart
  • Morton Rosenbaum
  • William Spell
  • Andy Suth