Division 39 Fund Task Force Report: January 2012

The Division 39 Fund Task Force has concluded its work. It recommends the creation of a standing Committee for the Division39 Fund.

We had one conference call with Hank Lewis, who is a professional in the arena of fund raising for non profits, and Natalie Shear’s husband. Hank has graciously donated his time to assist us in developing expertise with major fund development and appropriate donor solicitation and recognition. He will continue to donate his time through the Division Spring Meeting in Santa Fe. Hank very much supports the development of personal relationships with potential donors and various constituencies within the Division, stressing the importance of personally hearing from the membership. This communication allows fund development and utilization along paths that are truly important to the Division.
We followed up with another conference call and also communicated by email. Our plans and recommendations include the following:

  1. Maintain at this time a one structure committee with liaisons to other committees and sections. The committee needs to have members from diverse groups. We are unable to actually make a grant until we have $100,000 in cash, so it seems unnecessary to have a second committee focused on grants. There are only three other divisions that have $100,000 in pledges, two of which are single issue funds, i.e. funding graduate students, etc. The fund most like our fund is Division17, Counseling Psychology. Their fund is functional but very small, and their committee contains only three members. We had submitted a proposal to APF that would allow us to make a actual grant from the Division Fund/Division while we have cash on hand between $50,00 0 and $100,000. This proposal was not approved.

  2. Following with Hank’s advice, we will concentrate on building relationships with the Division39 membership at the Santa Fe meeting. There will be a meeting of Past-Presidents and Division leaders. We will also ask to attend Section meetings and  Committee meetings. Using  the retreat experience, the focus will be on paths for the Division and how those paths might be aided by the development of the Fund.

  3. There will be a silent auction at the Spring Meeting to benefit the Division39 Fund. Fund donors can be identified by a Fund ribbon. 

  4. Continued recognition of differing levels of contribution to this fund. Some members may be able to make very major donations, either directly or by estate bequests. Others may participate with lesser financial donations or may contribute with time and expertise. All are important.

As of November 30, 2011 Division39 Fund has received $103,410.00 in donations and pledges, with $50,093.34 in cash on hand. All 2011 board members have made a pledge or donation. Donors include 12 at the up to $99 level, 27 at the level between $100 and $499, 2 between $500 and $999, 37 between $1000 and $4,999, and 6 between $10,00 - $24,999. There are 9 local chapters, 3 sections, and the Division who have made donations and pledges. 

Division 39 Fund Task Force

  • Marsha McCary, Chair

  • Leilani Crane

  • Mary Beth Cresci

  • Dennis Debiak

  • Norka Malberg

  • Bill MacGillivray

  • Nancy McWilliams

  • Dolores Morris