Internet Task Force Report: August 2010


The Internet Task Force (ITF) was established in April 2010 to address the need for a revised approach to use of our web site and to establish our electronic communications as a core part of the Publications Committee and the Division in general. The charge to the ITF was as follows:

  1. Survey committees and member groups in the Division to determine the Division’s needs for an Internet presence.

  2. Consider how the web site and other Internet options can provide information to our members as well as provide a positive face of psychoanalysis to the public.

  3. Determine whether the Internet Committee should be a sub-committee of the Publications Committee and how it should interface with the various Division publications.

  4. Determine whether the Division needs an Internet Editor to oversee the web site and other Internet activities.

  5. Determine what the budget requirements will be to accomplish the goals above.