Division 39 InSight: 2010

  • April (PDF, 170KB)
    In this issue: a psychoanalyst helping families affected by the Haiti earthquake, psychodynamic couples therapy and division updates

  • May (PDF, 262KB)
    In this issue: a community training program, the spring meeting, the Stephen Mitchell award and CBT/psychodynamic therapy in the New York Times

  • June (PDF, 181KB)
    In this issue: race, class, culture, community-based efforts, the blogosphere and the Task Force on Public Relations for Psychoanalysis

  • July (PDF, 225KB)
    In this issue: Strategic Outreach to Families of All Reservists, resilience, member publications and the Division 39 Fund

  • August (PDF, 221KB)
    In this issue: a psychologist strives to integrate psychoanalytic approaches and multicultural concerns, member publications and the Division 39 Fund

  • September (PDF, 229KB)
    In this issue: fostering analytic support for children, psychoanalysis in the New York Times, local chapters and member publications

  • October (PDF, 315KB)
    In this issue: helping families in India, member publications and local chapter news

  • November (PDF, 76KB)
    In this issue: American Psychiatric Association's new guidelines for the treatment of MDD and member publications

  • December (PDF, 372KB)
    In this issue: revolutionizing education in South Africa, member publications and the division book prize