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Recent publications by Division 39 members

Publications on topics such as exile, sexuality, endings, personality and lifespan development
  • Andrew Harlem, PhD, published "Exile as a Dissociative State:When a Self is 'Lost in Transit,'" in Psychoanalytic Psychology, 27(4), 460-474, (2010).

  • Suzanne Iasenza, PhD, published "What is Queer About Sex: Expanding Sexual Frames in Theory and Practice" in, Family Process, 49(3),291-308, (2010). For a copy of this article, please email the author..

  • Craig Piers, PhD, published Personality and Psychopathology: Critical Dialogues with David Shapiro. New York: Springer. (2011).

  • Louis Rothschild, PhD, provides a Spotlight article on the Division 39 website on Andrew Harlem's piece in Psychoanalytic Psychology.

  • Jil Salberg contributed to and edited Good Enough Endings: Breaks, Interruptions and Terminations from Contemporary Relational Perspectives. United Kingdom: Routledge, (2010).

  • Sebastiano Santostefano, PhD, published a chapter titled "Developmental Psychopathology: Self, Embodiment, Meaning: A Holistic-Systems Perspective," in W. F. Overton (Ed.) The Handbook of Life-Span Development, Volume I; Cognition, Biology and Methods. Hoboken, N J; Wiley, 792-836, (2010).

  • Richard Waugaman, MD, published "Samuel Clemens and Mark Twain: Pseudonym as Act of Reparation" in The Psychoanalytic Review 97, 835-856, (2010) and "The Bisexuality of Shakespeare's Sonnets and Implications for De Vere's Authorship" in The Psychoanalytic Review, 97, 857-879 (2010). Request reprints.

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