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Division 39 Fund Update

The Fund will keep people informed of developments in psychoanalytic scholarship, research and practice

By Tamara M. Greenberg, PsyD

To date, we have raised $63,995 toward our $100,000 goal! Please help us by donating to this worthy tax-deductible cause that supports programs in education, research and service that will advance the profession and keep the psychological community and the public informed of developments in psychoanalytic scholarship, research and practice.

Our founding donors as of December, 2010:

  • Barry Dauphin
  • Devon King
  • Judith L. Alpert
  • Nina K. Thomas
  • Norman Ellman
  • Richard Ruth
  • Thomas S. Greenspon
  • Jaine Darwin
  • Marilyn Charles
  • Michigan Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology
  • Appalachian Psychoanalytic Society
  • Cheryl A. Notari
  • Dennis Debiak
  • Jonathan H. Slavin
  • Laura H. Barbanel
  • Lewis Aron
  • Marilyn N. Metzl
  • Marshall S. Fenster
  • Michael D. Zentman
  • Ruth Helein
  • Section V Division 39
  • Society for Psychoanalytic Studies
  • Southeast Florida Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology
  • Tamara and Andrew McClintock Greenberg
  • Washington Professionals for the Study of Psychoanalysis
  • William A. MacGillivray
  • Steven D. Axelrod
  • Dolores O. Morris
  • Marsha McCary
  • Mary Beth Cresci
  • Nancy R. McWilliams

Those who donate until we reach $100,000 or before the Spring Meeting (whichever comes first) will receive recognition as founding donors. Founding donors will also be eligible for a raffle at the Spring Meeting, with prizes including items from the Freud Museum in London and signed manuscripts from the Anna Freud Centre.