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The psychoanalysis in psychology diplomate: What you may not know

The mission of ABPP is to board certify individuals in various psychology specialties

By Marilyn S. Jacobs, PhD, ABPP

In the next few issues of Insight, I will be providing information about the psychoanalysis in psychology Diplomate examination. The following was published in the summer 2009 issue of The Specialist, the newsletter of the American Board of Professional Psychology.   

Myths about ABPP and board certification in professional psychology

Christine Maguth Nezu, PhD, ABPP, President, ABPP
Myth 1: ABPP is a Largely Academic and Elitist Organization.

Myth-Busting Facts: The mission of ABPP is to board certify individuals in various psychology specialties. As such, board-certified specialists are first and foremost, competent professionals who are responsible for the delivery of best practices of their specialty. It is true that, in addition to their commitment to providing competent services to the public, some psychologists who hold leadership positions on the various ABPP boards and academies also hold leadership positions in various clinical training or academic institutions. However, this is not elitist, rather, simply attests to their active participation in the growth and improvement of the field. Board-certified specialists are individuals who are interested in promoting competent practice, at all levels of experience, from the full range of professional service settings, and from all theoretical orientations. Read the full text of this article.