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DIVISION/Review: A quarterly psychoanalytic forum

This newsletter will include letters, book reviews, essays, commentary and discussions

By David Lichtenstein

By now you should all have received a copy of the first issue of DIVISION/Review through the mail. If you have not, and you are a current member, student member or affiliate member of the Division, please contact me and I'll arrange for a replacement copy.

The DIVISION/Review (D/R) is your publication. What it can be is up to you and your contributions. D/R welcomes:


Since this issue was the first, there was no Letters section. Please send letters, comments, questions and discussion on the content of the first issue to me as soon as possible so that they can go into the second issue.

Unsolicited manuscripts

Now that you see the range of styles and formats that can go into the Review, if you have written work that is either too brief, or in a style and format that does not seem suitable for a peer reviewed journal, send it to me. The review is designed to be a more flexible venue for your writing.

Suggestions for book reviews

If you have written a book or read one that you would like to see reviewed, please let me know. Also contact me if you are interested in reviewing a particular book or joining our group of regular book reviewers. While we cannot promise to review every book suggested or even every book written by a Division author, we will make an effort to do as many as possible.

Ideas and suggestions for future projects

In addition to review essays, and commentary, the DIVISION/Review will publish invited discussions, round tables, etc. If you have ideas for such a project, please contact me and we can work together on making it happen.
I look forward to making DIVISION/Review a unique publication in the fields of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychology. Your collaboration, contributions and commentary will be essential to accomplish this goal.