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Participate in Psychoanalytic Research

As a psychoanalyst and forensic psychologist, I am the principal investigator of a research program designed to investigate how we naturally understand other people's thoughts and feelings. We are studying how our values, relationship bonds and self-perceptions influence our social perceptions and understanding of others. Participants are asked to answer questions about attitudes, beliefs, judgments and relationships. They then complete the Eyes Test, a sensitive measure of Theory of Mind, which is a concept closely akin to the psychoanalytic notion of mentalization. Upon completion (12-15 minutes), participants then receive feedback on how they did on the Eyes Test. Individual responses are confidential, as all data are aggregated for analysis.

I am requesting psychoanalyst/psychologist instructors review our web page and, if comfortable, to introduce it to students who may then be interested in participating. If you have any questions, please email or call me. My contact information is on our web page, The Social Awareness and Mind Reading Project

Richard Lettieri, PhD 

Emotional Muscle: Strong Parents, Strong Children

This new book by Kerry Kelly Novick and Jack Novick, PhD is generating enthusiastic responses from mental health professionals, parents, teachers and all who care for children: 

  • "Now I know how to talk to the parents I work with!"
  • "Your writing and presentation are exciting in that you achieve clarity without sacrificing depth or complexity – a rare feat and talent!"
  • "What a delicious book! It's clear, practical and so sensitive to both parents and children."
  • "At last a book that takes our knowledge into the world in an accessible way!"

In Emotional Muscle the Novick's integrate their own innovative approach and the latest research in child development. Everyday stories from home, school and clinical practice illustrate practical and straightforward ideas and techniques for building emotional muscles in parents and children:

"I'm giving this excellent book to parents or grandparents in my practice (and my family!) and I'm using it for teaching and supervision. The Novicks have made child development come alive." 

Emotional Muscle is available through our website or on Amazon. Follow our blog and like us on Facebook.

Southeast Florida Institute for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

SEFIPP offers a variety of programs to accommodate individual interests, desires and time frames. The curriculum emphasizes the value of diversity and the broad scope of contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice.

SEFIPP's distinguished multidisciplinary Core Faculty and Visiting Faculty are committed to presenting psychoanalytic ideas in a form that will enhance learning and enrich clinical skills through critical discourse and comparative inquiry.

Long distance learning is available by way of videoconferencing.

All mental health professionals, persons with advanced degrees in their disciplines and graduate students can enroll in the following one-year programs:

  • Contemporary Psychodynamic Case Seminars (CPCS)

  • Introduction to Psychoanalytic Thinking: Theory & Practice (IPT): Completion of this one year didactic and clinical program makes one eligible to apply for:

    • The Training Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (TPPP) - Two-Year Program
    • The Training Program in Psychoanalysis (TPP) - Four-Year Program

Convenient payment plans available for all programs. For Information and Application Contact: Cristina Virsida, Administrator (954) 597-0820.

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