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A message from the editor

This issue spotlights our new and improved website

By Tamara M. Greenberg, PsyD

Welcome to the May issue of InSight. You may have noticed this issue has a new look. The colors of InSight have been changed in order to compliment our newly redesigned website.

On April 14th, the new website launched and it is quite impressive. Barry Cohen, PhD, our Internet Editor, with the help of APA staff, have not only moved us into a more modern technological age, but provide users with an impressive display of all that the Division has to offer. If you have not done so, check out the new website and be prepared to be in awe. We are very grateful to APA for offering top notch technical and design support. We are especially thankful for the hard work and diligence of Dana Wakefield and Kristen Walker from APA.

Please join me in congratulating Barry on a job well done! Additionally, it was the vision of Henry Seiden, PhD, Chair of the Publications Committee, to redefine what Division 39 can offer in the realm of publications and reaching out to our members. In this issue, our president, Bill MacGillivray, PhD provides the history of how division leadership has contributed to our electronic communications and acknowledges the hard work of Larry Zelnick, PhD and the Internet Task Force. See Division News for more information.

Finally, please remember to vote! We are in the midst of a very exciting Division 39 election, with a number of talented candidates running for positions on the Board of Directors. Please let us know who you would like to represent you within our organization and within APA. Ballots were sent in April and the election closes on May 31st. You can view candidate statements here

Have a great month. Remember, you can always access us on Facebook, and Twitter if you have comments or thoughts!