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Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP) Subscriptions

PEPWEB is the on-line digital archive of the Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing Company
As of May 1, the charge for getting access through Division 39 to PEPWEB will go from $55 per year to $60 per year.
The archive is now considerably more extensive than it was when we first offered access to it via division membership several years ago; it now includes far more journals, the complete works of Freud, and numerous classic psychoanalytic books. Check out the PEP website.
We urge you to take advantage of this benefit of division membership. The amount we pay as an organization to PEP decreases by contract in proportion to how many of our members subscribe, so you will indirectly be helping our finances by subscribing through us. (The five dollar fee increase also reduces our organizational fee proportionately and has, in fact, been done at our suggestion.)  
Contact Ruth Helein to subscribe.