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Discounted subscription rates

Division 39 members receive discounted subscription rates to two premier publications

Special rates for subscriptions to psychoanalytic journals is another benefit of Division 39 membership.

Did you know that as a Division 39 member you can receive discounted rates on subscriptions to two premier publications?

Psychoanalytic Dialogues: The International Journal of Relational Perspectives

Members of Division 39 can purchase individual print and online subscriptions to Psychoanalytic Dialogues. Issues are at the discounted rate of US$88 / £52 / €70 -20% off the Individual rate. Email to enter your subscription. 


  • Anthony Bass, PhD, New York, NY

  • Steven H. Cooper, PhD, Boston, MA

  • Hazel Ipp, PhD, Toronto, ON

  • Stephen Seligman, DMH, San Francisco, CA

Exclusive Discounted Subscriptions

We are delighted to be able to offer the International Journal of Psychoanalysis (IJP) to our APA Division 39 colleagues at a substantial discount.

Many of you are aware of the IJP and its international reputation for being at the forefront of contemporary psychoanalytic scholarship, with sections including Theory and Technique, The Analyst at Work, a Key Paper discussion as well as Film Essays and Book Reviews. 

The subscription comprises the 6 printed copies of the Journal published during the subscription year and online access to both current content and previously published Journal content going back to 2001. It is worth remembering that a subscription directly to IJP, either through this offer or the publisher is the only way to access current content. 

  • Practitioner print plus free online access = $180 (a savings of 56%)

  • Candidate print plus free online access = $115 (candidate subscriptions are only available directly via this office)

  • We also offer the journal without the printed copies as follows: Practitioner online access only = $163 (a savings of 56%), Candidate online access only = $104   

To place a secure online order via PayPal, click this link or for further information, contact Tim Lynch.