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Recent publications by division 39 members

Division 39 members with new publications include Mary-Joan Gerson, PhD, Nancy Caro Hollander, PhD, Elizabeth Howell, Phd, Abby Stein, PhD, and Richard M. Waugaman, MD

Mary-Joan Gerson, PhD published Cyberspace Betrayal: Attachment in an Era of Virtual Connection in Journal of Family Psychotherapy, 22 (2), 148-156, (2011).

Nancy Caro Hollander, PhD published Uprooted Minds: Surviving the Politics of Terror in the Americas. New York: Routledge, (2010).

Elizabeth Howell, PhD published Understanding and Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Relational Approach. New York: Routledge, (2011).

Abby Stein, PhD published The Tattooed Therapist: Exposure, Disclosure, Transference in Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society, 16(2), 113-131, (2011). 

Richard M. Waugaman, MD's review of James Shapiro's Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare appeared in The Psychoanalytic Quarterly 80:225-231 (2011) and A New Major Source for Shakespeare's Works, in the online journal Brief Chronicles. Richard would be happy to send his Shapiro review to anyone who requests it.

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