Division News

Bringing Analytic Theory Back to the Big Tent of Psychology

Division 39 Programs at the American Psychological Association's Annual Conference in DC, August 4-7

Now that you have whet your appetite for wonderful presentations at the Spring Conference in NYC, it is time to prepare for the main course this summer in Washington, DC from August 4-7, Division 39 will bring psychoanalytic theory and clinical work back into APA and bridge diverse divisions that have common interests. Along with our many terrific presentations, we are excited to have two invited panels that integrate analytic theory and concepts within social psychology (Division 8), clinical psychology (Division 12), and counseling psychology (Division 17).

On Friday night, we have partnered with Division 8 to bring two esteemed psychologists to APA who have written extensively on attachment theory, emotion regulation, and trauma (Friday 4-5:50)- Dr. Mario Mikulincer and Dr. Elliot Jurist.