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Review of new projects in preparation for the 2012 Spring Meeting in Sante Fe, New Mexico

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The Early Career Committee is working on several exciting projects in preparation for our 2012 Spring Meeting in Sante Fe, New Mexico. We are creating a panel to discuss clinical identity formation from an early career perspective, including learning how to balance roles as academicians, artists, and social activists, while practicing as psychodynamic clinicians. Increasingly, challenges have been posed as early clinicians maneuver through landscapes rigidly defined by evidence-based practices. This panel will also address issues of diversity and challenges in providing psychodynamic based treatment for underserved individuals.

The Early Career Committee has started a pilot program (see below for more information) matching analysts with newer clinicians seeking help with presentations and future publications. This group is headed by Dana Castellano, a new Early Career Committee member. Other exciting news includes a push for sharing and/or finding more affordable housing options during the Spring meeting. These efforts are being coordinated by Early Career Committee member Daphny Ainslie, along with the graduate student committee led by Bart Magee.

We encourage early career clinicians to join Division 39 and take advantage of the steep discounts to meetings and journals, as well as the social networking, mentoring, and other valuable learning opportunities available through this unique psychodynamic community. 

Finally, do not miss the conversation hour sponsored by the Early Career Committee on Saturday, 4 - 5 p.m., in the Hospitality Suite, August 6, 2011, during the American Psychological Association's Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. We welcome any interested early career clinicians and all are invited. Please contact us with any questions or thoughts!

The Early Career Professional (ECP) Committee is launching a Mentorship program in order to assist ECPs in navigating the process of submitting a proposal for next year's meeting in Santa Fe, April 18-22. Several well-published and respected analysts/dynamic clinicians have expressed the desire to help engender the voices of the next generation of analytically-oriented thinkers.

If you are an ECP (within the first 7 years after training) with an idea for a paper or a panel proposal and would like some guidance, please email Dana Castellano with "ECP Mentorship Program" in the subject line. She will then forward your proposal idea to one of our mentors, who will then contact you in order to set up times to submit your ideas and get feedback as to what makes a "winning" proposal. Please keep in mind that participation in this program is by no means a guarantee that your proposal will be accepted, but it will help you in networking and also enhance your ability to translate your ideas into polished submissions. Also, note that the deadline to submit proposals is September 9, 2011.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor for the next or future conferences, please also email Dana with "ECP Mentorship Program" in the subject line.   

Remember, your voice does matter! You can get your new ideas out there! Please refer to the Call For Papers if you have any questions about submission.

Also, please check out the ECP Committee's webpage.

Thank you!
The Early Career Professionals Committee