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This month we discuss articles taken from the Atlantic and The New York Times, and review a screening from the New York Film Festival

What is Happening in the World of Psychology and Psychoanalysis

Ambivalent Compliment: Some think that psychoanalysts are right regarding the impact of trauma on mood even if they don't agree with our "detailed theories." See the article in the Atlantic

The Long Run: A recent study suggests that long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy for depression was superior to short-term therapy when patients were evaluated after five years.    

What Brain Research Leaves Out: Psychoanalyst Ruth Burtman implies the environment has a role in deviant behavior. Check out her brief, but persuasive letter in The New York Times.

Wild Prescribing: On the increase of prescriptions of antidepressant drugs (for patients who may not be depressed) by primary care physicians.

Psychoanalysis on the Internet: See International for coverage of Greed: Sex, Money, Power and Politics, Leslie Shaw's Foreward in the aforementioned book, and the article Your Analyst Wears Combat Boots.     

Freud and Jung on the Big Screen: New York Film Festival screens "A Dangerous Method."

When Analysis Does Not Work:  See the Chicago Tribune interview with psychoanalyst Arnold Goldberg regarding his new book, "The Analysis of Failure: An Investigation of Failed Cases in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy." 

Not Exactly News: Consistent with results of major studies since 1998, recent research confirms that childhood trauma is associated with chronic illness. 

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